6 Big Secrets About People Who Love Pink

6 Big Secrets About People Who Love Pink

It’s no secret – I’ve been crushing on the colour pink lately, in all its iterations. I love dusty pinks, rose pinks, fuchsia, cool pinks, warm blushes, ivory pink, pastel pink, sparkly pink, cherry blossom and those pinks that could also be red. But, if you find yourself loving pink lately you might ask the world if that means one of the following: 1. You’ve become a cliché. 2. You’re a weakling. 3. You’re a grandmother.

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to all, continue reading.

Toronto Fashion Blogger Street Style

We can blame people like Alessandro Michele, for doing beautiful things with pink for Fall 16, like big fluffy pink coats and pink GG Marmont it-bag and shoes. I know I certainly think of his bubble gum pinks (and I eventually got my hands on a pair of his Princeton furry loafers in said shade). We can also put the blame on Kanye West for proffering guys a tonal palette of pinks for Yeezy Season 3. I know my boyfriend has been wearing a lot more pink lately, too.

So it must be cool, right?

Cool Red Boots

Well here are 6 secrets to wearing pink, brought to you by the people who wear pink (and this Toronto fashion blogger):

  1. Choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and make sure it matches your blush – if you’re wearing a peachy-toned pink, don’t go and paint blue toned, pastel pink all over your face. Either stick to warm or stick to cool.
  2. People who wear pink have daddy long legs. (It’s a fact, guys).
  3. Add pink fur whenever you can to whatever you can. (I love this Alexander Wang denim jacket, lined in pink fur but unless you held Kim K up at gunpoint, you’ll probably only be able to afford this hat, instead.) Idk is that a bad joke? I feel for her but I totally think the whole thing is a big publicity stunt. It’s all too Agatha Christie for my liking.
  4. We buy Acne Studios because of the packaging.
  5. We drink rosé, duh, but we will not be named basic b’s.
  6. People who wear pink tend to just be in general, better than everyone else and superior. So, start wearing pink ya big goofs!

Pink Outfit Inspiration

Do you like how I styled my boyfriend’s pink hoodie from Topshop with these sexy sexy boots from Aldo Shoes? (Sorry they are last season so no linky linky). YES I am wearing shorts underneath. My sunglasses are Versace and I used a healthy dose of Vita Liberata to get my tan. Leave me a message after the beep and tell me how you plan on adding pink to your life:

How to Wear Pink


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