Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her (Me).

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her (Me).

Finally, I get to spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend this year. Last year, we were apart. He was in New York and I was alone in our empty apartment in Toronto, eating gyros while watching The Notebook, wiping my tears with third-grade takeout serviettes, conveniently also exfoliating my first layer of skin.

This year we’re headed to The Big Apple together – but we’re hoping to get our V-Day shopping done beforehand because the Canadian dollar just isn’t having it right now. I’ve tried dropping some hints here and there and in his morning coffee, like unintentionally placing his mug on top of the Pandora catalogue, my choices circled in bright red sharpie. Hopefully this post will hammer the point home (as he says I often do – duh, all girls do that).

One thing we’re doing differently this year is buying each other’s gifts at Air Miles Shops, which basically allows us to shop at all our favourite online stores and earn bonus Air Miles. If you shop before Valentine’s Day, you’ll earn 2x the reward miles – which is totally convenient when hitting up retailers like SSENSE, J.Crew, Nordstrom, Sephora and Indigo. Which, I hit up very very (too) often.

Anyways, bae, here’s what I want for Valentine’s Day: Stella McCartney, Gifts for Her, Valentine's Day gifts for her, Parisian Chic, New York City, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Pandora Love Necklace, Victoria's Secret Black Thong Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Parfume available at Sephora; Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange available at Chapter’s Indigo; Victoria’s Secret Crisscross Thong Panty; Stella McCartney Platform Sandal available at SSENSE; Pandora “Signature of Love” Necklace available at Nordstrom; and a trip to New York City available at All items are available to shop through Air Miles Shops


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